Team Building

“Building Exceptional Team Performance” Team Building

Matrix’s Team Building Process allows organizational teams to get the most out of their collaborations, ensuring that your team functions at a level above and beyond the talents of the individual members. Put simply, we tell you what your team is doing well together, what areas need to be addressed, and what you can do in order to achieve exceptional teamwork and performance.

What is the Matrix Team Building Process?

Utilizing structured clinical interviews with our psychologists, as well as a variety of psychological inventories specifically chosen for your unique team, Matrix psychologists will help the team's corporate culture and identify areas of strength and areas in need of further development. We will examine core competencies such as team work, communication patterns, leadership styles, workplace principles, values, personality and fit.

Each member of the team will receive his/her results in a comprehensive report, as well as overall team data and themes. Team leaders will receive a copy of each associate's report in addition to the overall team information. Recommendations are included for the team leaders and may include suggestions for individual development. During a group debriefing session, we will highlight the team themes gleaned from the process.

Cultural Mosaic

Through the use of sophisticated psychometric instruments and interviewing techniques, Matrix is able to identify key workplace traits and styles for company leaders and help those leaders realize their best fit in the organization as well as learn the best ways of communicating with key personnel.

Matrix can help your organization create an ongoing, seamless leadership development program. Via our Cultural Mosaic process, we will:

  1. Evaluate senior leadership to get a sense of your corporate culture
  2. Utilize sophisticated testing tools and face to face interviews of team members to determine appropriate “fit” within the organization
  3. Individually coach leadership team members going forward to enhance their performance levels
  4. Using the information gleaned from this process, we can evaluate future applicants with our pre-employment evaluation process in order to enhance employee selection and reduce turnover